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4 Tips For Caring For Wooden Floors

All homeowners want to make sure that every part of their house is pristine and well-maintained. From the well-used kitchen, living room and bedroom, and even to the smallest parts of the house.

One of the most used parts of the house is the floor. It is often neglected and what people do is simply cover it with a carpet or linoleum. But having wooden floors in a house can give off that natural vibe, you just need to make sure that you maintain it well.

Here are some tips you might want to try in order to care for your floors.

1. Take care that it does not get wet

One of the things that can damage the floor easily is water. Not only will the finish of your floors be destroyed but if you do not wipe it right away it can seep into your floors and cause it to stain the wood. So make sure to avoid spilling water on your wooden floors.

If it is rainy outside, make sure to put drying mats at the entrance so that your wet shoes will not track any water inside. (See Also: Shoe Storage Ideas) If you are wearing a raincoat or have an umbrella, leave them outside to dry before bringing them inside your house.

2. Read the label of every product you will use on your floors

If you like to use chemicals in order to maintain your wooden floor, make sure that you read and follow the instructions first before applying them on the floor surface.

If you are not sure what you should be using, you can just go to a professional to help you with floor sanding Gold Coast. There are many companies who possess the skill to help you all your maintenance needs.

3. Vacuum regularly

This may be something that you are already doing but it’s very important that you do not miss vacuuming your wooden floors at least once a week. Why? Because there may be dust and dirt particles on your wooden floor. These are things that you cannot see, but over time they will wear through the finish of your floor just like sandpaper.

Make sure to use the proper attachments as some brushes might do more damage than good when used on wooden floors.

4. Use doormats and felt protectors in order to avoid getting the wood dirty or scratched

When moving furniture like tables and sofas, there is a big possibility that your wooden floors will get scratched. This will make it look unattractive and look old even if it is just a new floor. It’s not just furniture that can do that, but also some types of shoes.

To protect your floor from scratches, you can put doormats all over your house and put felt protectors so that if ever you need to move the furniture it will not scratch the floor.

For shoes, the best thing you can do is to actually have your household members and guests leave their shoes at the entrance of your house. This will also prevent dust from being brought to the house.

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