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Soundproof Curtains

In this busy and noisy world, it is challenging to stay in a quiet environment, especially if you live in a metropolitan city. In a city, you are living in the middle of traffic horns, loud noise from construction machines, and many others.

If you are looking for a way to reduce this noise, consider investing in soundproof curtains. Soundproof curtains are thick and provide you with the cheapest solution to your noise problem. Soundproof curtains help you to eliminate sound echo and control decibel.

Here are four things you should know when investing in soundproof curtains.

1. Size

When purchasing soundproof curtains, you need to determine the size. Begin by measuring where you plan to install your curtains. For a perfect cover, the curtain should start at the ceiling down to the floor. Using a tape measure, get the length, width, and height of that area.

Ensure you add a few inches to your measurements for the curtain to fall. The more you cover the room, the more you will minimize the noise. Write down your measurements so that you do not forget when doing your shopping. Often, these curtains are standard sized to fit the size of your window.

2. Material

Most soundproof curtains are made of fiberglass to ensure you have noise cancellation. However, materials such as velvet or rock wool are also effective. The manufacturer can even use vinyl to coat the curtains to provide a solid sound barrier. The best soundproof curtains should be at least 2 to 3 inches thick. You can also look for a company that allows you to custom make your curtains.

Such manufacturers will allow you to choose your favorite color, material, and even the cut of the curtains. However, this option will cost you more than the standard soundproof curtain. As an alternative to these materials, you can purchase blackout curtains. These curtains block both light and sound. The curtains are made of thick material and weigh less than heavy-duty soundproofing curtains.

3. Weight

Weight is also another crucial factor to consider when purchasing your soundproof curtains. A lightweight curtain can cause less absorption of sound. A heavy curtain means that it is well built to absorb noise.

Although it will not be easy to hang these curtains, they will be worth your while. In case you go for lightweight curtains, make sure you use about three layers of the same curtain to close the window completely.

4. Purchasing Soundproof Curtains

You need to look for curtains that are within your budget. You can search online and compare several sites and prices. Visit soundproofpanda.com for buying advice and the best recommendations. You can also visit shops that deal with sound equipment.

Remember to test your curtains before making your purchase. Shine a flashlight on the curtains, and if you see the light behind the curtain, it is likely not very soundproof.

Always look for online reviews before buying your curtains. Previous customers will always tell you whether your type of curtain is worth your investment.

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