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3 Ways To Create a Memorial Display In Your Home

3 Ways To Create a Memorial Display In Your Home

There is nothing worse than losing a loved one. The pain and sorrow that one can feel when questioning death is indescribable. Yet, when a loved one departs, we have to find a way to reconcile the loss and believe that the person has gone on to a better place.

Even so, holding a funeral or purchasing a cremation urn and sending your departed on their way does not prevent us from properly memorializing them. It is human to remember those we love and show exactly what they meant to us through celebration or grief. What better way to do this than creating a memorial display in your home? This way, even if your loved one is no longer present, they will live on in your heart.

Why Memorizing Your Loved One Matters

Creating meaningful memories about your loved one can make you feel closer to them. Memorials are one of the best ways to honor the departed and bring your family comfort. This way, the departed will live on forever in one way or another. Memorizing your loved one matters because:

  • It is an opportunity to remember your loved one and the life that they lived
  • It is a way to recreate great memories that were once shared using photos and other mementos
  • It is a way to bring comfort when comfort is needed
  • It is the best way to create lasting memories that will be used by many generations

Needless to say, memorial displays are known for the connections that they create. They are the perfect way to personalize your love for your departed. Creating a memorial display is a heartfelt touch that your friends and family will certainly appreciate.

Want to create a memories display in your home? Here are 3 ways to do so:

1. Display photos using balloons

While balloons are known as party favors, they also have a special place in memorials. Apart from displaying a cremation urn in the dining room, letting a balloon float up into the air is a special way to show that you are honoring your loved one up in heaven. Additionally, balloons can also be used to create a memorial for your loved one in your home. Attached to the balloons are different pictures of the departed not only with you but with many other family members and friends.

For a memorial, the balloons are always displayed on the ceilings while the pictures hung underneath them. This tells every other person who comes to your home that you are memorializing someone who was close to your heart.

2. Plant a memorial tree in your living room

A memorial tree that stands out in your living room shows commemoration for your departed loved one. While such trees are fairly small, they showcase love and dedication for those who have left us. Usually, the tree carries special love messages that are written on paper and stuck on it. This is the perfect way to show that your loved one may be gone but is not forgotten.

It is important to note that any kind of tree can serve a memorial tree in your home. Even so, you should pick one with enough branches to accommodate all of the beautiful messages of love that it will carry.

3. Display condolence stones

Granted, not everyone who suffers loss remembers to pass out condolence stones. In fact, during the actual time of grief, stones may seem unnecessary. But after a while, you can always gather family members and friends and encourage them to write special attributes that the departed possessed.

Once the exercise is completed, the stones should be gathered together and placed inside a jar, then displayed in any corner of the house. The stones will serve as a reminder of who your beloved was and the attributes that they carried. They ensure that the departed will be remembered for the great qualities that they had.

You no longer need to rely on a cremation urn to know that your loved one is no longer with you. The aforementioned ways will not only keep memories of your beloved alive but will also bring much-needed comfort. A quick glance at a picture that shows you and your departed sharing a meal can easily put a smile on your face. Other than that, condolence rocks will constantly remind you who your loved one was.

Finally, balloon displays are symbolic in their own way. No matter the comfort you are looking for or the hope that you are craving to find, any of these three memorial displays will bring healing, acceptance and a little faith for tomorrow.

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